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Tracy D. Ceres, ERYT 200
(Owner of Electric City Yoga, LLC)Certified Yoga Teacher, Registered w/Yoga Alliance)


Hello and welcome to a space where if you think you're not the right size or too old to do yoga, or if you think you're not flexible or strong enough, STOP right there!  You CAN do yoga and you SHOULD do yoga for all those reasons and you are in the RIGHT place.

Yoga is so much more than just the physical practice.  In my space you will find ways to get stronger and become more flexible.  Not only in your body, but in your heart, mind and spirit.  I teach from my heart and it is my intention that you grow with grace and kindness.

We are ALL capable of doing yoga and not one of us comes to the mat at the same place in our life or bodies.  Just step into a studio and you will see that each person looks different in their postures.  This is the way it should be.   We are all made differently, so how on earth can we all look the same?

All I ever ask anyone to do while on the mat is to be honest and respect where you are in your practice today.  Our yoga teaches us to live in the now, so at the beginning of each practice we will set our intention to be mindful and intentional with ourselves on the mat and to be present.   And when tomorrow comes or a few weeks into your practice, perhaps you move into that posture a little deeper, or hold a little longer or even take the next step up in the pose, and that will be your NOW then.  


My practice and teaching style focuses on breath and movement, acceptance, compassion and a completely non-judgment based practice.  I want you to leave the mat feeling amazing in your body and spirit.


Yoga is love and my mission is to bring just a little more love into all the lives I have the privilege of teaching.

Can't wait to meet you on the mat!!  

Much love and light,


Electric City Yoga, LLC


(864) 314-3891

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