Watercolors and Mandalas

Magnified Grass


Watercolors and Mandalas

Sunday, October 18, 2020 • 2:30pm - 4:30pm EST • $25.00


Join Consie Sindet as she walks us through drawing mandalas in conjunction with watercolors in a small accordion journal that we will create. We will meet on Zoom. The room link will be emailed after you have paid.


Supplies needed: 

• 2-3 sheets of white card stock or watercolor paper (each sheet approx 8.5x11)

• Washi tape (you can use one pattern or have multiple on hand)

• Scissors

• Either a paper cutter or a metal ruler to help tear the sheets in half. Scissors will work as well.

• A set of pan watercolors

• A small round brush

• A med/large flat brush

• A black fine-tip marker (I love the Sharpie pen)

• A hair dryer close by is also handy.