Be kind to your body and our planet.

It's been a little while since my dear friend, fellow whole food plant-based eater and yogi, Ali Hill, PT and myself gave an Introduction to Eating Plant-based Whole Foods Workshop (10/27/19 to be exact); and I've meant to get this article up sooner than now, but better a little late than never. You've probably noticed that there is so much information available about plant-based eating, not eating animal products, that you're not sure what to believe, where to turn or what to actually eat!

We were so excited to hold just a small but informative discussion on how to incorporate more whole food, i.e., fruits, veggies, beans, legumes and grains into your life. We referenced quite a few articles as well as documentaries that helped change our lives, what got us to change our diet and why, so we want to be able to provide some links to that information as well as recipes.

As I already mentioned, there is a lot of research and information out there can can often times be confusing, unreliable, or not easily found. We suggested that you watch the documentary just recently released to NetFlix, The Game Changers. It's an amazing doc about plant-based athletes and their journeys on how they got to be plant-based eaters. Just take some time and watch, you'll be amazed by the science-based facts and the health benefits.

Here are some links for your reference:

Reasons to NOT eat meat

Alternatives to meat and Dairy


I am always available for further discussion or my journey and why. Either reach our here on the Contact page or give me a call at the studio (864)314-3891.

May you make good choices, eat healthy, be good to your body and our planet.




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