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Updated: Jun 1, 2020

So, it has been quite a ride during this COVID-19 crisis. My emotions have been on one of the wildest roller coaster rides I've ever been on and I'm not a fan of roller coasters! We were right in the midst of our second year at our beautiful studio Electric City Yoga, when the walls came crashing down.

We were building a beautiful community of students that filled our hearts and souls with their loving and compassionate personalities. I was so proud of the students that graced our doors. The non-judgment based studio, accepting of all that entered our doors, that was my vision, was happening right before my eyes. And then, it was taken away.

I, was not willing to give up though!! Throughout the closure of our space, classes were offered continuously via LIVE FEED on Facebook. So many continued to support me and the studio, as well as a whole new audience!! I was thrilled! So, when we were finally given the word that yoga studios would be allowed to reopen, unfortunately, due to the size of our space and the constraints imposed it would not be possible for us to remain open. We had to make that very hard decision to close our doors. Many tears were shed by all.

I didn't intend on ever opening a studio, I only knew I wanted more of what yoga was about, I wanted to go deeper, more knowledge, more understanding. When I reached the point in my teacher training where we had to start our "student teaching" I was petrified! The yoga studio where I had come to learn and love yoga, closed. So, I reached out to my fellow yoginis letting them know that I had to do 12 hours of teaching. "I'll be there!" was what I heard, and during this time, I found my love of teaching.

So, my studio may have closed but I'm not ready to stop teaching! I'm in the midst of a major transition from brick and mortar to teaching virtually on the big, wild web, as well as finding venues locally in my town for yoga pop ups!!

If you've read about me or taken a class from me, you know that I'm very passionate about LIVING my yoga, all 8 limbs. I'm no spring chicken and by no means as "thin" as I once was, but that's not what my practice is about! My heart broke every time a woman or man came to me and had been told that they couldn't do yoga for one reason or another! WTH?! EVERYONE, and I mean everyone can and should practice yoga. I could only imagine that they had been told this by someone who wouldn't either take the time to work with someone within their current limits or someone that had the fixed mind set of what a person who practices yoga "should" look like!! Again, WTH!?

If there is one thing you should know about yoga, know that yoga is for every body, every age, every gender, every everything! Unfortunately, so many end up in the wrong place, are discouraged and then never ever give yoga another thought. Yoga is so much more than just a physical practice, it encompasses every part of your life, body, mind and soul.

Are the photographs we see of yogis in amazing postures unbelievable? Yes, they are! But, do we know how long it took them to get there, or how long they've been practicing yoga? Do they have a gymnastics or dancers background? It doesn't matter, say, "wow!" and move on with your own practice, where ever you are. And then, say,"wow!" to yourself when you're done!!

A "pose" does not make a yogi, a "practice" makes a yogi. Perhaps your physical practice is not your strongest, but you meditation practice kicks butt!!! Or your devotion or the changes you've made in your every day life because of yoga is your jam!!

I love the following quote and I use it probably more than everyone wants to hear, but I believe it to be true, "do not judge yourself based on what someone else thinks of you, that's none of your business!" You know you and your truth and that's what matters. Stop believing the myths that spin around in your head, the majority of them are simply not true!

Join me on the mat. Until then, be safe, be healthy and practice good social distancing.


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