What really is SELF-CARE anyway?

I read a lot about self-care and the ways and reasons it is so important! I often find myself sad that more women do not take the time for themselves and for the numerous reasons they tell me or are they trying to convince themselves why they just don't have the time. It's selfish, anyway right? Really? Is it? The positive effects of taking just a few quiet moments to yourself and sip a cup of tea or read for a few minutes by yourself, have major impacts on body, mind and spirit.

Unfortunately, a lot of us have the misconception that self-care is going to a spa or a retreat or spending lots and lots of money or time away from the responsibilities of our lives. Well, it doesn't have to be that. Yes, it's nice to definitely get away to a spa or a retreat, but how often does that really happen? Simply bringing intention to a few things you may already be doing in your days, can accomplish daily self-care!

I love this quote, and it is not mine, I read it and it just resonates with me and I've found it to be so true, "When self-care is in action, the spirit of health blossoms and we feel good and filled with love." (Brooke Sullivan) I'd like to share with you just a few things that you might already do, and maybe just need to add a bit of intention to make it a self-care ritual.

Just like you, my days are filled with things I have to do or places I have to go and easily fall into a mindless daily rut. So, where and what can I do to fit those self-care rituals in? I insert them into my daily routine!

One of my most important goals is to be as healthy as possible. Keeping this in mind helps to keep me on track with my decisions and choices. When we set out to make good choices and habits, keeping them small and manageable every day makes them easier to attain. Making decisions and taking actions that are steeped in your life purpose or passions adds power and motivation to accomplishing our goals. Everyone has a choice, all things that you do in your life are choices.

Example, I'm not getting any younger, (I'll be 58 this year!) so my choice to practice yoga daily and eat a plant-based diet are two of the most important things I do for myself. These are inseparable and are two of my most important self-care rituals. Eating a healthy diet and coming to my mat are self-care acts.

Making healthy choices in what you put in your mouth is simply not as difficult as you think, it's just a conscious/mindful choice. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store, don't by anything in a box that has more than five (5) ingredients. Don't put ingredients in your body that you can't pronounce or don't know what they are! That's pretty simple; however, you may just have to cook again!

Second self-care act, coming to my mat daily. You don't have the leave the house, if childcare or any other obligation keeps you tied to the house, lay down your mat where ever you find space inside or outside and do your practice. Hopefully you are joining me for an online class or found a earlier practice on my video tab. Spend as much time as you have, be it 10 or 15 minutes or longer. Any time on your mat is self-love.

Read an article recently that talked about Shower Meditation. What a great place for 5 minutes of peace and quiet, dim the lights, hang some eucalyptus in the shower and close your eyes as the water runs over your body. Set your intention for the day if your a morning shower person. Maybe you're having a bad day, fill the tub or again the shower and release and breath all the stress away. Super good self-care. Make washing the dishes or cleaning the house a ritual instead of a chore and do some deep yogic breathing during these mundane things and turn them into times of repeating healing mantras of love or release.

We are a work in progress and ever evolving. So be kind to yourself, have a loose concept of your best self. Little by little you will see change, focus on today and if today wasn't your best day, if you are given tomorrow try again. Live every day to your fullest find the "silver lining" in all things. Live in the NOW! Forgive yourself for the cookie, or not getting to your mat and recommit. There is never not a good time to start again or begin, just start.

It's much easier to take one day at a time and build on that, before you know it a week has passed by and you're feeling great! Self-care/love is not about pampering, it's about owning your personal power and honoring the person you are.

If you'd like to chat more about this or ask any questions, please feel free to reach out to me via my contact page and we'll set something up!!!

Much love and light,


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